General information
CE Yes
Nominal speed nN [rpm] 3000
Number of pole pairs 4
Nominal torque Mn [Nm] 22.750
Nominal power PN [W] 7147
Nominal current IN [A] 14.000
Stall torque M0 [Nm] 26.000
Stall current I0 [A] 16.000
Maximum torque Mmax [Nm] 69.00
Maximum current Imax [A] 52.60
Maximum speed nmax [rpm] 9000
Torque constant KT [Nm/A] 1.630
Voltage constant KE [V/1000 rpm] 98.40
Stator resistance R2ph [Ω] 0.620
Stator inductance L2ph [mH] 7.21000
Electrical time constant tel [ms] 11.320
Thermal time constant ttherm [min] 46.0
Moment of inertia J [kgcm2] 13.1300
Weight without brake m [kg] 16.80
Holding brake
Holding torque of brake MBr [Nm] 15.00
Mass of brake [kg] 0.90
Moment of inertia of brake JBr [kgcm2] 1.6600
ACOPOS 8Vxxxx.xx... 1180
ACOPOSmulti 8BVIxxxx... 0220
Cross section for B&R motor cables [mm2] 4.0000
Connection type Connector (ytec system)
Connection direction Angled (swivel)
Encoder E0 optical 512-line single-turn
Shaft end Smooth shaft
Material number:
Synchronous motor, number of pole pairs: 4 pairs, nominal speed: 3,000 rpm, stall torque: 26.000 Nm, without brake, smooth shaft, angled connector (swivel), centering diameter 130 mm, j6 fit, external cooling, construction type A, IP65 with fan assembly IP20 with oil seal 560 VDC, brake holding torque: 0.00 Nm, E0 opt. 512-line single-turn
Certificates Version (Date) Download
E360421 UL Certificate of Compliance 8LS/8LT/8LV PDF / 410 KB
DT Upgrade Version (Date) Download
V4.0 DT Upgrade (8LSC57.E0030D611-2) EXE / 322 KB
Documentation Version (Date) Download
8LSA/C...-0 Users manual (Motor version: 0) PDF / 5 MB
8LSA/C/O/P...-3 Users manual (Motor version: 3) PDF / 24 MB

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