Operating system
Target systems
Industrial PC PP500
Chipset US15W
Language English
Minimum size of RAM 128 MB
Required storage space on data storage medium 35 MB
Minimum size of data storage medium 128 MB
Material number:
Microsoft OEM Windows CE 6.0 Professional, English; for PP500; order CompactFlash separately (at least 128 MB).
Mandatory Accessories
CompactFlash cards
5CFCRD.0128-03 CompactFlash 128 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0256-03 CompactFlash 256 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0512-03 CompactFlash 512 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.1024-03 CompactFlash 1 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.2048-03 CompactFlash 2 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.4096-03 CompactFlash 4 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.8192-03 CompactFlash 8 GB Western Digital (SLC)
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Power Panel 500 User's Manual PDF / 17 MB
Windows CE 6.0 help ZIP / 909 KB
Windows CE 6.0 help APC510/APC511/PP500 ZIP / 44 KB
Windows CE 6.0 revision history APC510/APC511/PP500 TXT / 4 KB
Operating systems (Windows …) Version (Date) Download
Windows CE 6.0 SDK APC510/APC511/PP500 ZIP / 5 MB
Tools / Utilities / Examples Version (Date) Download
Embedded OS Installer ZIP / 3 MB
Task Manager ZIP / 709 KB

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