Material number:
Set Power Panel PP251 light X2X 5,7" QVGA LCD color; 64 MB SDRAM; 256 kB SRAM.
Mandatory Accessories
0TB103.9 Connector 24 VDC - 3-pin, female - Screw clamp terminal block 3.31 mm²
0TB103.91 Connector 24 VDC - 3-pin, female - Cage clamp terminal block 3.31 mm²
CompactFlash cards
5CFCRD.0064-03 CompactFlash 64 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0128-03 CompactFlash 128 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0256-03 CompactFlash 256 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0512-03 CompactFlash 512 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.1024-03 CompactFlash 1 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.2048-03 CompactFlash 2 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.4096-03 CompactFlash 4 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.8192-03 CompactFlash 8 GB Western Digital (SLC)
Optional Accessories
0AC201.91 Lithium batteries 4 pcs., 3 V / 950 mAh button cell
4A0006.00-000 Lithium battery, 3 V / 950 mAh, button cell
USB accessories
5MMUSB.2048-01 USB 2.0 flash drive 2048 MB B&R
5AC900.057X-00 Legend Strips Template 5,7" For Power Panel 4PP151.0571-01, 4PP151.0571-21, 4PP251.0571-45, 4PP251.0571-65, 4PP251.0571-85, 4PP251.0571-A5, 4PP451.0571-65, 4PP451.0571-75. For 3 devices.
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Power Panel 100/200 User's Manual PDF / 25 MB
M-CAD (Mechan. Templates) Version (Date) Download
3D file DXF/STEP Power Panel 251 light/compact ZIP / 4 MB
Dimensions pdf 4PP251 Light and Compact PDF / 336 KB

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