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Modular support arm systems


Fully enclosed panels with IP65 protection are at their most advantageous when it comes to placement at the most optimal positions on the machine.

The continuing reduction of control cabinets in particular is increasing the need for input stations that can be installed flexibly. For this reason, completely enclosed Automation Panel variants are available for mounting on support arm systems.

Simple wiring

Wiring is handled by the support arm system, with the cables connected to an easily accessible area with IP65 protection. This allows inexpensive standard cables to be used. To facilitate extremely simple handling, an installed panel can be wired directly on the support arm. Setting up the device is done in the same modular way as mounted devices. Customers who opt for Smart Display Link 3, the latest generation of B&R display transmission technology, benefit from slim RJ45 connectors. They are the perfect choice for feed-throughs in areas with extremely limited space, such as those found on support arms.

Easy operation

Support arm devices are available in two variants: with touch screen or with other additional control elements. Buttons, selection switches, key switches and the integrated E-stop button provide exceptional user comfort. Also included is an integrated RFID reader, which allows individual access rights to be assigned to anyone from service engineers to system operators. Writing passwords on small pieces of paper has been relegated to the past where it belongs. Multi-touch screens provide a simple and intuitive operator interface. The implementation of two-hand operation for critical tasks prevents operations from being carried out by accident.


Automation Panel – Support arm systems

Displays from the Automation Panel series range from 15" to 24" and are available as 9 different support arm models. Upon request, displays can be equipped with additional switching elements, an RFID reader and a front-side USB interface.
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