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ICE Group

"Together with B&R, we were able to find the optimum solution. Customers no longer want to work with machines from past generations."

Mariusz Goik, Owner

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Application report

I.M.A S.p.A.

"We use automation components from a variety of suppliers. A standardized communication protocol is the only way our strategy of using different safety component suppliers can be successful. That's why we use openSAFETY."

Pierantonio Ragazzini, Innovation Technology Manager, I.M.A. Industria Macchine, Automatiche S.p.A.


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"As a specialist in vertical packaging technology, we were able to further increase the performance and reliability of our machines using products from B&R."

Manuel Martinez, Head Technician




Körber Medipak

"We use a large number of format-specific cam profiles, which need to be scaled and switched out while the machine is running. This is extremely challenging. Thanks to POWERLINK, we're able to vary the machine cycles even at speeds of 600 shrink-wrapped packages per minute."

Ulf Leineke, Electrical and R&D Manager


"B&R again showed their flexibility and commitment by modifying their standard ACOPOS firmware. As a result, we have tubular linear motors that provide very homogeneous movements with minimal power consumption, which we can now implement as a company standard."

Dieter Finger, Head of Electrical Development

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Lan Handling Technologies

"Through innovation and simplicity, together with the drive to collaborate, B&R has proven to be the best partner for our End-of-Line solutions in the global food industry”

Floris Ramaekers, Lead Engineer Software

Logik S.r.l.

"For us, B&R is more than just a supplier. They are a solid partner at our side throughout every new development."

Giovanni Bondesan, Sales Manager




Makro Labelling



"The compact I/O, cabinet space savings and operator friendly HMI complement B&R’s great advantage in software development, with code that is easy to reuse in other types of machines."

Mauricio Moreno, President

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Meca Systeme


"Today, our customers benefit from simple integration of individual machine components into their filling and packaging lines. A further advantage is reduced operating costs due to the sophisticated hardware solution. With the Automation Studio software platform from B&R, machine control, motion control, HMI and communication can all be handled in a single development environment. This saves time for integration and reduces maintenance costs."

Andy Smith, Sales Manager

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