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"With B&R's help, we were able to implement an innovative and energy-efficient motion control system and a perfectly functioning web-based diagnostic environment."

Peter M. Henningsen, Sales Manager


"Through the use of the advanced B&R technology, we were able to reduce maintenance and ensure consistent and reliable operation over the entire speed range."

Ray Uttaro, President


FT system


"B&R offers the most innovative solution in terms of performance, accessibility, plant integration and teleservice connectivity."

Paolo Mondini, President


"The close-knit integration of control, drive and visualization technology offered by B&R made it considerably easier for us to implement a help system. B&R technology allows us to equip our machines with features that are decisive to staying competitive."

Jörg Schmeiser, Director of Product Management at GEA CFS

Application report

Gebo Cermex

"Rather than going back to the drawing board with every new set of customer specifications, Gebo Cermex uses a modular architecture to construct custom machines using existing sub-modules."

Jean-Marc Passemard, Gebo Cermex Communication Manager



General System Pack


Graphic Packaging

HMC Products

"We chose a motion control solution from B&R because of the flexibility and the excellent usability of the system in addition to the support and service offered."

Dave Kreissler, President

Hastamat Piepenbrock Group

"We're equally capable of handling both conventional PLC tasks and complex applications that demand more powerful processing and multiple axes. Without B&R, this would not have been possible."

Martin Otto, Electrical Construction Manager, Hastamat

Hayssen Sandiacre

"The high speeds at which our packaging machines operate make reliable control technology essential. B&R components satisfy the most rigorous industry standards and stand for exceptional quality."

Mike LaPare, Director Rose Forgrove

Application report


"The ability to reuse existing libraries drastically reduced our development times. We also opted for POWERLINK for real-time communication to achieve optimal synchronization of our motion control while boosting overall machine performance and precision. This has been a huge advantage when it comes to handling our complex applications."

Kang-Sun Lee, Application Manager

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