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The next five years will see enormous growth in the area of labeling and coding machines. Demand for labeling and coding equipment is driven by increasing requirements for end users to provide seamless tracking of items for safety reasons. This particularly affects the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

End users need machines that require as little maintenance as possible. These machines must make it easy to replace worn parts and sub-assemblies.

Additional advantages

Rotary plate control

B&R offers highly flexible motion control solutions that are completely independent of the type of motor technology used – whether it's servo, torque or stepper motors. Thanks to Generic Motion Control (GMC), the OEM has the freedom to select the most appropriate actuator for each project. This ensures the best price/performance ratio every time, without requiring any changes to previously developed software. Compact servo or stepper motors, together with the ACOPOSmicro, cover the entire performance range required for controlling the rotary plate on a labeling machine.

Controlling adhesive film labelers

B&R's high-performance stepper motor control can achieve a linear speed of up to 100 m/min. Puller, winder and unwinder motors can easily be synchronized with electronic cam profiles, even in an open control loop.

B&R's packaging library includes functions for automatic roll changes with sensorless diameter calculation as well as predictive registration mark correction.

Aligning bottles and labels without a camera

B&R has developed a powerful image processing algorithm that determines bottle orientation without using a camera. Instead, a standard sensor is used to detect the bottle embossing. A standard X20 analog input module reads the analog data with a sample rate of 100 µs and saves the data in a buffer directly on the module. The algorithm then analyses the buffered data and calculates the required positioning movement for the rotary plate.

The entire alignment process takes less than 400 ms, including:

  • Embossing / Image acquisition
  • Data transfer and processing of the image algorithm
  • Generation of the movement profile
  • Rotary plate movement
  • Labeling
Automatic identification of the adhesive unit

End users want maximum flexibility in production, which is why they continue to invest in modular, mechatronic labeling machines. The adhesive components must be transferred from machine to machine very quickly, a requirement for which POWERLINK was specifically developed. With automatic node detection and support for hot plugging as standard functions, POWERLINK allows fast and reliable changes without production stops for increased uptime and OEE.

Gluing, marking and waste detection with 1 µs precision

B&R NetTime provides high-performance synchronization in real time via POWERLINK. Multiple encoder positions (real or virtual) and distributed I/O channels (analog or digital) are synchronized with 1 µs precision.

This eliminates the need for external devices for digital cam switching required by high-speed packaging machines for applications such as shooting glue, marking products and rejecting waste.

NetTime digital output patterns can be controlled with extremely short high/low times for a resolution of 125 ns. In the same way, fast input edges such as registration marks or product detection marks are recorded with a time stamp of 1 µs.

The comprehensive technology library provides a simple user interface to configure interactions between position sensors and actuators – with automatic time/position conversion and dead time compensation.

Running both power and data through a slip ring

Distributed control and drive components are often mounted on a part of the machine that rotates. These machines rely on a slip ring to connect the power supply and control voltage. POWERLINK and openSAFETY guarantee connectivity, not only of the control data at a certified rate of 100 Mbit/s, but also of the 24 V power supply and 750 VDC bus for distributed servo drives.

Quality assurance with an integrated vision system

B&R offers an intelligent and flexible vision portfolio consisting of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and software. Seamless integration in the B&R control system enables synchronous data exchange throughout the entire system. The image processing functions are easy to configure and applications can be created without much programming effort.

Additional advantages
  • Direct drives for carousel motors
  • Stainless steel HMI panels with hygienic design
  • Stainless steel servo motors with hygienic design
  • Mechatronic machine design with distributed automation solutions
    • X67 and X20 I/O modules
    • ACOPOSmotor
    • ACOPOSremote
  • Safe motion control and safe responses
    • Low-threshold error detection in the 80 - 7 ms range
  • Predictive maintenance: Integrated vibration signature analysis for condition monitoring
  • RFID access control for machine operationOMAC PackML conformity
  • SDM: Web-based diagnostics with an unprecedented level of detailThe ultimate solution for maintenance tasks
    • On-site or remote access
    • No training required
    • No programming tools
    • Low costs
  • Efficient design

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