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OEMs must be able to deliver case packers that can quickly and easily adapt to constantly evolving market requirements while being able to handle a wide variety of sizes and formats. The challenge is to produce smaller-count cases at higher speeds in order to maintain a consistent level of output. At the same time, packaged products must be well protected and allow rapid changeovers between packaging types and configurations (e.g. rainbow packs).

The flexibility this requires is achieved through the widespread use of servo technology. With maximum control over the pressure and stress placed on containers, robots also provide increased handling efficiency for lightweight packaging.

Controlling motion with complete flexibility

When electronic cam profiles are used in packaging machines, it is often necessary to change motion profiles on a running machine. Some examples include product or packaging changeover, registration mark correction, simultaneous cut-and-seal functions, belt tracking and product handling. The B&R Cam Profile Automat allows machine operators to change motion profiles dynamically without requiring any new calculations on the controller. Application development becomes easier, faster and more robust since performance is guaranteed independently of the controller's processing power, network connectivity and the number of axes being controlled.

The Cam Profile Automat allows new profiles to be generated and stored directly on the servo drive every 400 µs. The programmer can define a variety of boundary conditions and limits such as profile type, position, speed, acceleration and rotation. The optimal transition profile is calculated in real time, taking into consideration external events such as hardware and software states.

B&R's Cam Profile Automat combines the advantages of centralized programming, distributed performance and highly flexible profile changes – all at the top speeds achieved by the fastest machines on the market. Cam profiles are programmed and configured in B&R's Automation Studio engineering environment. The B&R Cam Profile Automat is a 100% software solution provided as a standard feature on all ACOPOS servo drives.

Integrating robotics effectively

With POWERLINK and B&R's Generic Motion Control (GMC), it is exceptionally easy to integrate and synchronize robots with your automation architecture. High-speed packaging machines can easily synchronize standard motion control systems and all types of kinematics – portal, delta, SCARA, articulated arm and even specialty kinematics – in a single, complete control platform.

B&R robotics make it possible to perform maintenance tasks with direct human-robot interaction, such as removing blockages, without stopping operation. B&R offers TÜV-certified function blocks for the required safety applications, integrated via the open and bus independent openSAFETY protocol.

Stäubli robots can be accessed directly by B&R automation technology. This is possible thanks to the POWERLINK interface on the uniVAL drives from Stäubli, which allows GMC programs from the B&R controller to be transferred and executed seamlessly.

Machine modularity

B&R offers hardware and software solutions for fast and easy development of mechatronic machines with options that can easily satisfy the requirements of the end user.

  • Servo motors with an integrated drive: ACOPOSmotor
  • Servo motors with a decentrally mounted IP67 drive: ACOPOSremote
  • IP67 and IP20 I/O, optional safety modules: X20, X67 I/O modules
  • Stepper motors: 80MP and ACOPOSmicro
  • Modular machine design

B&R offers machine builders a comprehensive selection of motor types. The Generic Motion Control (GMC) concept allows the software to be developed independently of the motor type. For each mechatronic module in a machine, the OEM can select whatever solution offers the greatest amount of freedom, which in turn saves time, resources and money.

Gluing, marking and waste detection with 1 µs precision

B&R NetTime provides high-performance synchronization in real time via POWERLINK. Multiple encoder positions (real or virtual) and distributed I/O channels (analog or digital) are synchronized with 1 µs precision.

This eliminates the need for external devices for digital cam switching required by high-speed packaging machines for applications such as shooting glue, marking products and rejecting waste.

NetTime digital output patterns can be controlled with extremely short high/low times for a resolution of 125 ns. In the same way, fast input edges such as registration marks or product detection marks are recorded with a time stamp of 1 µs.

The comprehensive technology library provides a simple user interface to configure interactions between position sensors and actuators – with automatic time/position conversion and dead time compensation.

Quality assurance with an integrated vision system

B&R offers an intelligent and flexible vision portfolio consisting of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and software. Seamless integration in the B&R control system enables synchronous data exchange throughout the entire system. The image processing functions are easy to configure and applications can be created without much programming effort.

Additional advantages

Additional advantages

  • Simple integration of IP67 door locks
  • Stainless steel HMI
  • Safe motion control and safe responses
    • Low-threshold error detection in the 80 - 7 ms range
  • Preventative maintenance: Integrated vibration signature analysis for condition monitoring
  • Integrated vision inspection via POWERLINK
  • RFID access control for machine operation
  • OMAC PackML conformity
  • SDM: Web-based diagnostics with an unprecedented level of detail
    • The ultimate solution for maintenance tasks
    • On-site or remote access
    • No training required
    • No programming tools
    • Low costs
  • Efficient design

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