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Closure design is becoming an important element for brand owners to create a distinct identity and product appeal. At the same time, cost pressure in the highly competitive beverage market is forcing bottlers to look for innovative solutions like caps and closures that weigh less, require less material and produce less waste. High-performance automation is key for OEMs to secure future business with closure systems.

Controlling capping heads with complete flexibility

B&R offers a wide range of solutions for controlling capping heads:

  • Servo motors with an integrated drive: ACOPOSmotor
  • Ultra-compact and highly dynamic servo motors and drives: 8LV and ACOPOSmicro
  • Stepper motors: 8OMP and ACOPOSmicro
  • Linear rotary motors from LinMot and ACOPOSmicro

With B&R, the machine builder has the freedom to choose any type of motor, guaranteeing the most ideal solution for the requirements at hand. The drive technology used has no impact on the corresponding software. For more information, check out Generic Motion Control (GMC).

Running both power and data through a slip ring

Distributed control and drive components are often mounted on a part of the machine that rotates. These machines rely on a slip ring to connect the power supply and control voltage. POWERLINK and openSAFETY guarantee connectivity, not only of the control data at a certified rate of 100 Mbit/s, but also of the 24 V power supply and 750 VDC bus for distributed servo drives.

Controlling motion with optimal performance

B&R motion control has the performance you need to get the best seal quality at the highest production speeds. Using the MC_MoveAdditive and MC_BR_TorqueControl function blocks for PLCopen, you can switch between position control and high-precision torque control within 400 µs.

Additional advantages

Additional advantages

  • Direct drives for carousel motors
  • Stainless steel servo motors with hygienic design
  • Stainless steel HMI panels with hygienic design
  • Mechatronic machine design with distributed automation solutions
    • X67 and X20 I/O modules
    • ACOPOSmotor
    • ACOPOSremote
  • Safe motion control and Smart Safe Reaction
    • B&R reduces response times to 7 ms, compared to 80 ms for conventional solutions.
  • Predictive maintenance: Integrated vibration signature analysis for condition monitoring
  • Integrated vision inspection via POWERLINK
  • RFID access control for machine operators
  • OMAC PackML conformity
  • SDM – Web-based diagnostics with an unprecedented level of detail
    • The ultimate solution for maintenance tasks
    • On-site or remote access
    • No training required
    • No programming tools
    • Low costs

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