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The impressive growth in the pharmaceutical industry has far exceeded GDP growth over the past 50 years on a country-by-country basis. This phenomenon isn't limited to industrialized nations; it can be observed all around the world.

The production of pharmaceutical products is more tightly regulated than any other industry. These highly sensitive products must be reliably protected against external factors such as contamination, light and moisture. Protection against product piracy is also playing an increasingly large role in the development of new secondary packaging technology.

There is a strong demand for advanced packaging and identification solutions. The same applies to blister packs that adhere to standards and are safe for patients. The emphasis in this sector is on childproofing, single-dose packages and multi-panel labels. FDA standards are gaining acceptance worldwide and helping to improve product safety.

B&R is a global automation provider with groundbreaking motion control, machine operation and control solutions for pharmaceutical packaging. The comprehensive B&R portfolio fulfills all of the requirements of a pharmaceutical packaging line – regardless of whether the product is in solid, liquid or powder form or whether it is packaged in blisters, paper, plastic, glass or metal.

From blister packaging to fillers and cappers, from cartoning to case packers or palletizers and robotics with integrated Vision inspection – B&R provides the best automation solutions for packaging machines and plants.

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