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In no other industry do emotions play a larger role in a product's success than in the food and beverage industry. Successful products are the ones that are able to tap into consumer trends – in terms of both taste and appearance. Both the product and its packaging must communicate a sense of health and safety, nutrition and well-being, lifestyle and quality of life.

The beverage packaging market is one of the most innovation-driven around, with new materials and formats appearing almost daily. Beverage companies are constantly searching for the optimal balance between customer appeal and production cost. Success in each segment of the market requires a great deal of specialization.

B&R is a global automation provider with groundbreaking motion control, machine operation and control solutions for the food and beverage industry. The comprehensive B&R portfolio fulfills all of the requirements of a beverage production line – regardless of whether it's spring water, carbonated soft drinks, light-sensitive or alcoholic beverages or whether it's filled in glass, aluminum, PET or cartons. B&R has a solution for every challenge encountered by OEMs and end users in the food and beverage industry.

From fillers and cappers to shrink wrap and cartoning machines, with integrated visual inspection systems, palletizers and robotics – B&R provides the best automation solutions for packaging machines and plants.

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