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In no other industry do emotions play a larger role in a product's success than in the food and beverage industry. Successful products are the ones that are able to tap into consumer trends – in terms of both taste and appearance. Both the product and its packaging must communicate a sense of health and safety, nutrition and well-being, lifestyle and quality of life.

Players in the food and beverage packaging market must innovate to survive. Consumers are looking for products that look good and taste good, yet their decision is also influenced by how safe and environmentally friendly the packaging is. Innovative packaging design is becoming one of the most important challenges faced by food and beverage producers. New packaging materials and integration of digital printing technology will create a whole new generation of products. Interactive packages bring a wealth of product information right to the shelf, making for a more emotionally engaging shopping experience.

B&R is a global automation provider with groundbreaking motion control, machine operation and control solutions for the food and beverage industry. The comprehensive B&R portfolio fulfills all of the requirements of a food and beverage packaging line – regardless of whether it's a snack, cookie or soup, whether it is fresh or conserved or whether it's packaged in paper, cardboard, plastic, glass or metal.

From horizontal and vertical FFS packaging to cartoning and case packers or palletizers and robotics with integrated vision inspection systems – B&R provides the best automation solutions for packaging machines and plants.

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