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In industry, measuring and testing procedures are more and more often being seamlessly integrated the production process using industrial automation technology. This includes the processes handled by our control systems and also the actual measuring or testing procedure. Various measuring sensors are integrated in the PLC system using appropriate I/O modules in order to ensure optimal handling. This provides accurate measurements with integrated data acquisition, evaluation and storage as well as improved positioning efficiency for the DUT. B&R systems are well-equipped to handle the wide variety of measurement tasks carried out on testing stations.

And the integration of measurement tasks in the automation system also means that only one programming tool – B&R Automation Studio – is needed to handle the entire application. Therefore, B&R offers a complete solution for demanding measurement and testing instrumentation applications as stand-alone or an integral part of a process control system.

Mechanical measurement techniques
  • Precise evaluation of the measurement signal using high-resolution analog I/O channels (with up to 24-bit converter resolution).
Electric / electronic measurements
  • I/O channels with configurable current / voltage inputs, also with oscilloscope function.
Measurement systems with automated DUT handling
  • Completion of all measuring and handling tasks with a single software tool and an integrated hardware platform.
Comprehensive data measurement
  • IPC systems for data acquisition, evaluation and archiving. Equipped with passive cooling and a solid state disk (on request). Windows or Linux operating system
Automatic code generation with simulation systems
  • Automatic code generation and import into Automation Studio 4 from Maplesoft and Matlab Simulink minimizes programming work.


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