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A huge trend in automotive industry is to reduce significantly production lifecycles of the vehicles. This means that the development time of a new model is shortened and it must be as efficient as possible. Since real prototypes take too long to produce, more and more designers and engineers are using simulation software to streamline the development time.

B&R provides a wide range of tools that connect the mathematical modeling to the automation and control environment, merging the theory with practice. Simulation-based engineering using computer models of the features under development helps align the software with the mechanical design very early in the development process.

These models are generated based on data from the simulated kinematic and dynamic behavior of individual components or entire modules in the CAD systems used by the mechanical engineers.

B&R has the perfect solution for...

Multidisciplinary concurrent engineering

By removing the barriers between engineering disciplines, Automation Studio 4 helps you optimize the development workflow and further accelerate your time-to-market. A bidirectional interface with the database system of the leading ECAD tool, EPLAN Electric P8, helps synchronize your electrical and hardware configurations to avoid redundant or inconsistent data entry. Support for EPLAN's database platform is also provided by other tools commonly used in the field of machine and systems engineering, which means it is just as easy to integrate MCAD designs and plans for hydraulic and pneumatic components. Automation Studio 4 allows you to import entire hardware topologies directly from EPLAN Electric P8, including corresponding I/O mapping data and process variables, and align them bidirectionally.

Automatic code generation

The ability of simulation tools like MATLAB/Simulink and MapleSim to analyze simulated processes and convert them into source code in C or Structured Text greatly simplifies and expedites software development. Instead of programming everything manually, you can simply import this code directly into Automation Studio and use it as a self-contained application module in the control software. This saves valuable development resources and eliminates a potential source of mistakes and misunderstandings. Symbolic algorithms developed by B&R optimize and accelerate code execution without reducing the effectiveness of the model.

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