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Szczecin, Poland

If you are the student of the last year faculty related to automation or you graduated within the last two years. You know what the automation is. You are looking for the job or maybe you have not thought about it yet?


If you don’t know what you want to do in the future… We offer you a vacancy, where you will be working on various fields including provision of trainings and technical support for customers, searching for and implementation of complex tasks for automation of machines and processes.

Work organisation

If you are not sure whether you want to work alone or in a small or big team. We offer you a position in a small team, in one of 180 offices of the worldwide company. Thanks to that position, you will be in contact both with engineers in Poland and globally. Technical trainings in B&R headquarters in Austria will allow you to get to know the atmosphere of international engineering society.


If you still study and cannot take full-time job... We offer you a paid internship and flexible working hours for the start. Easy access to the innovative automation solution will help you to complete the knowledge learned at university.


If you are not confident about the state of your knowledge we invite you for the interview where we will verify your skills and expertise. We do not expect the knowledge of our systems, but the general understanding of automation. When you are about to start working, you will go through the trainings cycle that will complete your skills. What we require at the beginning of work on this position is the excellent knowledge of Polish and communicative English languages and the ability to program in any high-level language (eg Structure Text, C, C ++, C #, Basic, Pascal). Send us your CV and motivation letter today! Office Szczecin:

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