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This training module deals with the mechanics and commissioning as well as the diagnostics of and service of ACOPOStrak. All training content is prepared so that it can be used for the actual track in workshops. When it comes to the mechanics, the main focus is on the flexibility of ACOPOStrak and the ability to adjust the layout of the system design as needed. For diagnostics, typical scenarios will be covered including how to identify them and how to solve any problems that may arise. The information and exercises provided here explain how ACOPOStrak hardware should be operated.

Learning objectives and content

  • Mechanics of ACOPOStrak
  • Documentation and user's manual
  • Layout sketch and relevant mechanical structure
  • Commissioning ACOPOStrak systems
  • Diagnostics of ACOPOStrak
  • Service intervals
  • Maintenance and segment replacement


Purchase order number

TM1423 - Assembly, commissioning and diagnostics for ACOPOStrak



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