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The general term "printing technology" covers a wide range of different techniques for reproducing text and images from a master or template, including letterpress, offset, gravure, flexographic and screen printing. Each technique uses a different process to transfer ink to the respective substrate.

This training module – TM490 – covers the topic of "Printing machine technology". It will present sample solutions programmed using the MTTension and MTRegister libraries. To improve comprehension, each control loop will be implemented and analyzed directly in Automation Studio.

Objectives and content

  • Industrial printing - Basic printing terminology
  • Continuous production lines
  • Basic physical properties of production lines
  • Closed-loop tension control with the MTTension library
  • Closed-loop register control with the MTRegister library
  • Registration mark detection


Model number

TM490 – Printing Machine Technology

Currently only available for download.

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