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The field of mechatronics deals with the interaction of mechanical, electronic and IT-related systems. In mechatronics, the boundaries between the areas of mechanics, electronics and information technology are put aside. Instead, the system is viewed as a single functional unit. The key objective is the preparation and processing of all information so that it can be used across all of these areas. With this integration, new automation requirements arose, resulting in increasingly complex systems with highly mathematical algorithms running in the background.

Simulation makes access to the algorithms available quickly and easily thus enabling simulation of individual axes and controllers as well as complete plants. The versatility of the simulation allows information to be generated and processed optimally. This provides added value for the machine and production line as well as for the team and the developers.

MATLAB/Simulink is one of the leading simulation tools for model-based development and simulation. Simulink is based on a block diagram environment and enables system-level design and simulation as well as automatic code generation. Automation Studio Target for Simulink is the interface between MATLAB/Simulink and Automation Studio. This supports seamless integration of automatic code generation into an existing Automation Studio project and a subsequent TCP/IP connection between the model and the target system.

Learning objectives and content

  • Basics of simulation
  • Installing and licensing Automation Studio Target for Simulink
  • Creating and opening projects in Simulink
  • Working with the simulation environment
  • Toolbox overview
  • User interface for B&R Simulink blocks
  • Establishing an online connection
  • Installing software updates


Model number

TM293 – Automation Studio Target for Simulink



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