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Errors from many different sources can lead to machine downtime. Fortunately, there are also many ways to troubleshoot the immediate surroundings and control system. B&R's website and user's manuals provide all of the information needed to do this effectively.

Objectives and content

  • B&R system overview and topologies
  • Serial numbers and model numbers
  • Checklist for B&R contact
  • B&R user's manuals
  • Sources of errors on machines
  • Maintenance guidelines for B&R systems
  • Ordering replacement parts and contacting the manufacturer
  • Diagnostics without a PC
  • Diagnostics using the System Diagnostics Manager
  • Runtime Utility Center
  • Backing up and restoring
  • Online connection and instruction lists
  • Module replacement and documentation
  • Functions of the B&R website
  • Exercise examples and their application


Model number

TM920 – Diagnostics and service






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