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Training modules


Our training modules provide the basis for learning both at seminars as well as for self-study. These compact modules rely on a consistent didactic concept. Their bottom-up structure allows complex, interrelated topics to be learned efficiently and effectively. They serve as the best possible companion to our extensive online help documentation and are also available in a printable format.

The training modules are grouped according to the following topics:

Main characteristics

The following describes some of the main characteristics of our training modules:

  • Compact
  • Clear and comprehensive
  • Promote self-directed learning
  • Incorporate practical exercises
  • Supplement existing reference material

Reference aids

The online help system for B&R products serves as a comprehensive reference manual. Training modules introduce a topic and provide references to the help system to point out where more detailed information can be found.

Guidance for self-study

Clear and organized guidance to complex topics is provided using a step-by-step approach. This enables individual topics to be studied and learned at a comfortable pace.

Examples and exercises

Truly learning studied materials is only possible by working through practical exercises. The training modules contain tasks and proposed approaches, which also indicate where to find the appropriate reference documentation to reinforce learning.

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