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Almost every machine needs a user interface. Integrated visualization provides controls and components for designing machine visualization applications. Other functions include unit and language switching as well as adding dynamic features.

Prerequisites and requirements


Model number

Seminar Automation Studio Training: Basics [SEM210.2]

2 days


Objectives and content

  • Overview of B&R HMIHMI ... Human-machine interface products
  • Visualization concepts
  • Designing and configuring an integrated visualization application
  • Displaying and entering process values
  • Display options, style sheets
  • Setting up global and local layers
  • Remote visualization in VNCVNC ... Virtual Network Computing: An open standard for controlling remote computer systems. and terminal mode
  • Language and unit switching, different keypad layouts
  • Alarm system, trends and diagnostics

Responsibilities include

  • You create concepts for HMI applications.
  • You configure HMI applications for machine operation.
  • You implement designs fr various operator panels.
  • You integrate HMI applications in existing control applications.

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