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ETA standard system overview

Content of delivery

The delivery of the ETA standard systems listed here includes all electromechanical components without B&R hardware.

  • Electromechanical parts
  • Basic mechanical construction
  • Pre-assembled wiring harness
  • Required sensors and actuators
System features

System features The ETA concept enables the flexible networking of several systems via POWERLINK. Only the power supply has to be connected in order to operate the systems. The required B&R components1 and the required accessories are listed with the individual ETA systems.

  • Category
    Rugged construction with rounded aluminum profiles
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    395 x 395 x 395 mm
    Stackable frames for convenient and stable storage
    Hardware mounting
    Up to 2 mounting plates for integration of B&R standard components (depending on the variant)
    Power supply
    Voltage supply via power cable
    100 to 240 V
    Physical characteristics and dimensions of the ETA standard system
Recommended B&R components

Eine Auswahl an empfohlenen B&R Komponenten, die für die vorkonfektionierten Kabelstränge ausgelegt sind, finden Sie hier: ETA Standard System - B&R Components

System categories

The ETA systems are divided into two different groups. These are the following system variants:

  • "Standalone"
  • "Extension"
  • DSC06682
  • ETA210.0100-100_ANW_X20 Seite
  • ETA210.0106-100_ANW_PP500_v.r.
  • ETA510.0102-100_ANW_vorne
  • ETA410.0100-110_ANW_vorne
  • ETA410.0100-120_ANW_vorne
  • ETA410.0100-140_ANW_vorne
  • ETA540.0101-100_ANW_vorne

ETA standard systems - "Standalone"
  • All "Standalone" ETA systems can be operated independently because they include an X20 controller. They can also communicate with other ETA systems and exchange data via Ethernet or POWERLINK.
    X20 CPU

ETA standard systems - "Extension"
  • All ETA standard systems designed as extension units do not include a dedicated controller. Therefore they must be used in combination with a "Standalone" variant. Communication between the various systems is handled easily and effectively with POWERLINK.
    POWERLINIK connects
1 The required B&R components need to be ordered separately for the ETA standard system. For the ETA light system, the required B&R components are contained in the content of delivery, accessories must be ordered separately.
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