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ETA system


The ETA system family

The ETA system provides realistic constructions for training, education and laboratory use. Two different basic mechanical constructions can be selected. The ETA light system offers a high degree of mobility, saves space and is well-suited for lab work. The ETA standard system has a sturdy mechanical structure and includes pre-wired sensors and actuators.

Lifelong learning

In a society built on knowledge and information, lifelong learning is an essential pillar. When it comes to software engineering, many scenarios can be simulated during development, yet nothing can fully replace hands-on experience. The ETA system has been designed as a realistic development and training environment for classroom and laboratory experiments.

What does ETA stand for?

The abbreviation E.T.A. stands for "Evaluation and Training for Automation". The Greek letter Eta, written "η" stands for efficiency, which is very high when working with the ETA system.


System features

The ETA concept enables the flexible networking of several systems via POWERLINK. Only the power supply has to be connected in order to operate the systems. The required B&R components1 and the required accessories are listed with the individual ETA systems.

1 The required B&R components need to be ordered separately for the ETA standard system. For the ETA light system, the required B&R components are contained in the content of delivery, accessories must be ordered separately.
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