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Preparing for thesis or project work

Register now for the preparation workshop and download the information brochure

  • 1. Orientation

  • 2. B&R tutorials

  • 3. Classroom-based workshop

1. Orientation

  • It always pays off to have a clear overview. Find out more about automation in general and browse through the various areas of our website. While doing so, go ahead and install Automation Studio.
    • Time required
      3 hours
    • Recommended steps:
    • Please take the time to check out the following areas on our website:
      • Industries
      • Products
    • See what is available on the B&R YouTube channel to get acquainted with the topic of automation1
    • Have a look at our company presentation film on our YouTube channel: Company presentation film - German
    • Download and install Automation Studio (see Download
    • Open Automation Help and work through the "Automation software / Getting started" section.

2. B&R tutorials

  • It is best to watch all of the B&R tutorials (B&R Tutorials [Login required]) and test all of the introduced functions in Automation Studio at the same time. All of these functions can also be tested in the simulation environment (ARsim). Additional information can be found in Automation Help under "Automation Studio \ Getting started \ Creating programs in Automation Studio". Training module TM210 – Working with Automation Studio contains additional information in Chapters 3 - 7.
    • Time required
      3 hours

3. Classroom-based workshop

  • The classroom-based workshop completes the basic preparation. Use the classroom-based workshop to test your knowledge in practical situations with the support of an experienced trainer.
    Register for one of the dates offered (see Schedule: Preparation workshop for a thesis project). The number of participants is limited. Send us your project description so that we can customize our preparation. Be prepared to present your project to the group during the classroom-based workshop.
    • Time required
      16 hours
    • Recommended procedure:
    • Timely registration for the classroom-based workshop
    • Design a poster, sketch or presentation and send us some pictures or the presentation itself. We also need a short project description. Guidelines can be found here: Guidelines for creating a project presentation.
    • Think about how you can present your project in 5 minutes.
    • Bring your poster to the classroom-based workshop.
    • Bring your notes and any project documentation.
    • Bring your own laptop.
    • Install Automation Studio 4.2 before coming to the classroom-based workshop.
    • Schedule: Preparation workshop for a thesis project


Do you have any questions?

Not all questions can be answered during the B&R introductory tutorials. Also work through the corresponding training modules. Note your questions and we will talk about them during the classroom-based workshop. It pays to take part.


Tip: If you have downloaded this document or specific training modules from our website, you can use the highlighting feature and add notes directly in these PDF files.


Please note that we can only loan out hardware after you have completed the classroom-based workshop.

1 B&R YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/berneckerrainer
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