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Students: Lukas Brünner, Alexander Brader

Supervisors: Anton Deschberger, Albert Schmeitzl

School: HTBLA Braunau am Inn

Project name: WaterStop

Project presentation
Students Lukas Brünner and Alexander Brader present their WaterStop together with their supervisors.
The project concept

How did the project come about?

Most houses lack sufficient protection against a burst water pipe and the associated water damage. The reason for this is that the current systems on the market are too expensive and retrofitting is too time-consuming. The two graduates of the HTBLA Braunau am Inn set themselves the task of developing a cost-effective device that can be easily and reliably installed – i.e. retrofitted – into the water circuit of an existing house.


What is particularly unique, difficult or challenging about your project?

What made the project difficult was, on the one hand, getting a precise measurement of the water flow and creating a water utilization profile. On the other hand, we also had to create a user interface that could be used by an average homeowner. In addition, the data would need to be remotely accessible via a web server.


What is your preliminary approach and how is implementation planned?

With the appropriate hardware and an intelligent program, we developed a device that reliably prevents water damage. The system can distinguish between regular and unintentional water consumption. Faucets left open accidentally or creeping water leakage, which is detected too late or not at all, are a thing of the past. If damage occurs, the water flow is stopped to prevent further damage. The built-in flow meter, connected to a solenoid valve, sends data continuously to the Power Panel C70. If the controller detects a deviation from the specifications, the solenoid valve is closed.

Lukas Brünner and Alexander Brader are working on the WaterStop project.
Hardware used

Which B&R hardware is used?

  • C70 power supply
  • POWERLINK bus controller X20BC0083
  • X20AI2622 (2 analog inputs)
  • X20DI4371 (4 digital inputs)
  • X20DO8332 (8 digital outputs)
  • 24 V power supply unit
  • Networking via POWERLINK

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