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Students: Fabian Prager, Dominik Cvejic, Josip Gazibaric, Christian Jahrmann

Advisor: FI Andreas Schütz

Educational center: HTL Mödling

Project name: Automation model of an industrial garage door

Project presentation

Automation model of an industrial garage door

The students are using blinds in place of the industrial garage door.
The idea for the project

How did the project come to be?

The idea for the project came while replacing a defective Dahlander switch on a lathe. The students, Christian and Fabian, already had a project with a PLC in mind and began to draw up initial plans for the automation model for an industrial garage door.

The fully fleshed out project that resulted from this idea was to develop a garage door – represented by a roller shutter – that could be controlled and monitored with light curtains, limit switches and a program.


What is special about your project? What makes it challenging or difficult?

The project was completely self-made, in other words, the entire control system and design along with all of the mechanical and electrical AutoCAD drawings were created by the project team.

Solution approach

What is your proposed solution and how do you plan to implement it?

The garage door will be implemented with a motorized roller shutter from the company Guttmann. The setup should present a realistic scenario of traffic entering and exiting the warehouse. The simulated traffic through the garage door will be controlled using a PLC and will be illustrated with a traffic light.

Hardware used

Which B&R hardware is being used?

  • 1x X20CP1583
  • 1x 6PPT30.0702-20B
  • 2x X20DI9371
  • 1x X20DO9322
  • Networking via POWERLINK

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