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An open attitude toward new developments and a willingness to learn are important prerequisites for professional success. B&R therefore provides teachers at public educational institutions the opportunity to take part in automation technology seminars. We provide the support you need when preparing new topics and content. The B&R Summer Workshop can look back on a more than 20-year history.


The respective 3-day parallel seminars are designed to build on each other. You will receive information and exercises related to the use of innovative automation technology. The workshops are held by B&R engineers and experts.

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All participants will also be able to take part in presentations on the topic of "Scalability, networking and customization" in addition to the seminars:

Timeplan and scheduling

Venue: HTBLA Braunau




August 30

10:00 AM

4:00 PM

August 31

8:00 AM

4:00 PM

September 1

8:00 AM

3:00 PM

Special event on Aug 31: Invitation to a company tour and dinner. Implementation is subject to the COVID regulations at that time.

Further information

Automation Studio program and features

In the seminars, you will learn how to work with the current version of Automation Studio using typical project processes. Automation Studio is an outstanding software tool for integrated automation. Dedicated workstations are available for practical exercises. It is also possible to bring your own devices.

Automation Studio 4.9

Access data for the B&R website

After registering for one of the workshops, you will receive a registration confirmation. In addition, you will also receive a personalized user account for our website. With this access, you will be able to do the following:

  • Access the learning content in the Education Support section
  • Download documentation and Automation Studio
  • Licensing Automation Studio
  • Management user data for students
  • Link: FAQ - General login information
ETA system

In a society built on knowledge and information, lifelong learning is an essential pillar. When it comes to software engineering, many scenarios can be simulated during development, yet nothing can fully replace hands-on experience. The ETA system has been designed as a realistic development and training environment for classroom and laboratory experiments.

Link: ETA Light system

B&R tutorials

The B&R Tutorial Portal provides tutorials on a wide range of subjects. Because the tutorials are interactive, they allow content to be learned effectively. To make it easier for you to find the tutorials you need, they are organized according to the structure of our modular training content.

Link: B&R Tutorial Portal

Deadline for registration: Monday, July 11, 2021

The number of participants for each seminar is limited. Secure your seat in time.
You will receive a reservation conformation by Saturday, July 23, 2021 at the latest. We look forward to seeing you there.

Participation is free of charge including event documents and lunchPlease observe the applicable Compliance & Integrity regulations at your company.

Scalability, networking and customization with B&R

Each machine automation application places different demands on the hardware. To equip each variant with an optimal solution, you need both cost-effective and high-performance options. B&R offers a coordinated and scalable product range that covers all performance classes.

All automation components – the controller, HMI, drives and safety technology – are developed using a single engineering platform. Because this software is hardware-independent, it is possible to change out the hardware at any time. In addition to aiding the development process, the automation software also offers further functions, such as simulation of the application software.

B&R has been a main player in the initiative to develop and standardize OPC UA over TSN for communication at the controller and field level. The company plays a leading role in the corresponding standardization organization: OPC Foundation.

With the world's first machine vision solution to be seamlessly incorporated in the automation system, B&R takes integrated machine vision to a whole new level. The cameras, intelligent image processing algorithms and innovative lighting portfolio are an integral part of the B&R control system.

B&R technologies not only allow users to create modular machines, but also make it possible for them to produce customized consumer goods.

With our magnetic levitation technology, B&R heralds a new era of manufacturing. Shuttles carry individual products freely through the machine, powered by magnetic levitation. Gone are the days when conventional transport systems imposed rigidly defined timing on the production process. ACOPOS 6D is ideal for small-batch production with frequent changeover between products of different designs and dimensions.

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