Automation Studio is used to configure and program all B&R controller components. Core issues such as getting a clear overview of all product groups, initial commissioning of a controller, understanding the functions of the runtime environment and being familiar with the options for integrated configuration and diagnostics are decisive.

This lesson is the prerequisite for many follow-up seminars.

This remote lecture will be held online. You will receive an invitation to a virtual classroom via Microsoft Teams. This may require additional registration on your part.

Participants need a PC with web browser, a microphone and speakers (e.g. USB headset). A second screen and a webcam are recommended, but not mandatory. A stable Internet connection is required.

All exercises are performed in an Automation Runtime Simulation (ArSim). Use of an ETA Light system (ETAL210.1050-1 with accessories) is an advantage.

A live session is planned every day. Afterwards you will receive exercises. Your tutor will be available in the chat at agreed times. Use the chat capabilities to share your experiences with other participants. Schedule about 2 - 3 hours per day.

Learning objectives and content

  • B&R philosophy and products
  • Using Automation Studio
  • Using the integrated help documentation
  • Establishing an online connection to the control system
  • Initial installation of a controller
  • Project engineering for the hardware configuration
  • Working with the text and table editors
  • Functions and options in Automation RuntimeTheAutomation Runtime is the operating system that runs on all B&R controllers.
  • Configuration options in Automation Runtime
  • Runtime and startup behavior of the controller
  • Use of the integrated diagnostics options

Your responsibilities include

  • Participants create projects and configure control components.
  • Participants create programs for automation applications.
  • Participants simulate processes and then put them into operation.
  • Participants perform diagnostics on control components and programs.

Documents provided

TM210 – Working with Automation Studio

Automation Studio is the universal engineering tool used to program and configure all B&R products. The emphasis here is placed on configuration, programming, commissioning and diagnostics of the B&R automation components.

Learning objectives and content

  • Installation and licensing
  • Creating and opening projects
  • Working with the simulation environment
  • Getting to know the user interface
  • Setting up hardware configurations
  • Module configuration and I/O mapping
  • Installation and initial startup
  • Establishing an online connection
  • Overview of programming methods
  • Declaring variables
  • Installing software updates


Model number

TM210 – Working with Automation Studio



B&R Tutorial Portal

Courses / creating projects, commissioning, diagnostics

TM213 – Automation Runtime

Automation Runtime is the uniform runtime environment for all B&R controllers. It is used to configure the hardware, run the application software and prepare communication and diagnostics interfaces.

Learning objectives and content

  • Requirements and properties of a real-time operating system
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Memory management and types of memory
  • Automation Runtime startup behavior
  • Initialization of programs and data during startup
  • Cyclic program sequence and scheduling
  • Transferring and updating programs
  • I/O management
  • Timing configuration
  • Diagnostic functions in Automation Runtime


Model number

TM213 – Automation Runtime



TM223 – Automation Studio Diagnostics

Powerful diagnostic tools are an integral part of software development for a machine that accompany it throughout its service life. Having such tools integrated directly in Automation Studio and the runtime system means always having the necessary data on hand for programming and maintenance.

Learning objectives and content

  • Overview of integrated diagnostic tools
  • Selecting the correct diagnostic tools
  • Reading system information
  • Operating modes and the logbook
  • Creating user log entries
  • Observing and analyzing process values
  • Reading and writing process values
  • Recording data in a real-time context
  • Analyzing I/O states and forcing
  • Software analysis during programming
  • Debugging and profiling
  • Using variables in programs
  • Web-based System Diagnostics Manager
  • Querying and displaying the operating status
  • Runtime Utility Center


Model number

TM223 – Automation Studio diagnostics



Model number


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