Provides important APROL basics for those just getting started.

Concept: APROL Engineering Camp is composed of 2 parts:

SEM:801.E4 APROL Engineering Camp – Basic set as well as SEM802.E6 Engineering Camp – Lab work

Part 1 – SEM:801.E4:

The first part includes standard APROL training courses (SEM841.5 APROL Process Control Training 1, SEM842.5 APROL Process Control Training 2, SEM801.2 APROL Engineering Camp – Basic), lab work and all important sales topics.

Part 1 is designed for all participants (no additional knowledge required and therefore also suitable for sales personnel). A simple P&ID diagram will be implemented as a part of the lab work.

  • Overview of the APROL control system
  • Overview of all APROL components
  • Using standard system components and libraries
  • User management for clearly organized project engineering
  • Implementing an operator management system for the operating environment
  • Creating a complete project with hardware, software and visualization
  • Operating all of the web queries included in APROL
  • Using Audit Trail and Change Control to help achieve system certification in accordance with FDA/GAMP regulations
  • Creating, operating and expanding parameter sets and recipes in APROL
  • Implementing a controller from start to finish
  • Configuring controller-to-controller communication
  • Configuring and using the event driver and the PDA coupling
  • Creating customer-specific libraries
  • Using all of the block types available in APROL
  • Backup, system installation, setup and recovery
  • Introduction to APROL Solutions
  • P&ID diagram for introduction to the lab work project
  • PAL library (Process Automation Library) and SysMon (System Monitoring) workshop
  • Use of standard system components and standard libraries, PAL (Process Automation Library) in particular
  • Creating SFCs (sequential flow charts) and ST logic (Structured Text) in APROL
  • Multilingual support with translation concept and translation manager
  • The basics of fieldbus engineering
  • The basics of Linux
  • P&ID diagram for PAL and SysMon library lab work
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