More and more mechanical axis couplings are being replaced by electronically linked axes. Everything from simple coupling gears to cam profile applications can be implemented using mapp technology components, which are based on PLCopen. High-performance drive control solutions from B&R ensure that coupled movement sequences are performed with the highest degree of precision.

  • Linear couplings with gear ratio
  • Dynamic phase shifting
  • Electronic cam profiles
  • Compensation mechanisms
  • Configuring and using Cam Profile Automats
  • Using mapp technology multi-axis functions

Documents provided

TM441 – Motion control: Electronic gears and cams

In addition to single-axis functions, the PLCopen standard also offers functions for the coordinated movement of multiple axes in an axis group. By implementing mapp technology, using them is made easier. Drive coupling can be carried out quickly with this.

Objectives and content

  • Properties of drive coupling
  • Linear coupling and dynamic phase shift
  • Creating and using electronic cam profiles
  • Parameterization and application of the MpAxisCoupling component
  • Structure and functionality of the Cam Profile Automat
  • Implementation of the Cam Profile Automat with MpAxisCamSequencer
  • Overview of the different types of compensation gearing
  • Exercises and examples


Model number

TM441 – Motion control: Electronic gears and cams




SEM210 – Automation Studio Training: Basics

Automation Studio is used to configure and program all B&R control components. Core issues include getting a clear overview of all product groups, initial commissioning of a controller, understanding the functions of the runtime environment and knowing the options for integrated configuration and diagnostics.

  • B&R company presentation
  • B&R philosophy and products
  • Working with Automation Studio
  • Using the integrated help system
  • Establishing an online connection to the controller
  • Initial installation of a controller
  • Developing the hardware configuration
  • Working with text and table editors
  • Functions and options offered by Automation RuntimeAutomation Runtime is the operating system that runs on all B&R controllers.
  • Automation Runtime configuration options
  • Runtime and boot behavior of the controller
  • Using the integrated diagnostic options
  • Overview of available programming languages
SEM410 – Automation Studio Training: Integrated Motion Control

The B&R drive solution is configured, put into service and diagnosed using Automation Studio. Uniform software interfaces based on PLCopen make it easy to program and combine a variety of different drive components in the machine.

  • The components of a mechatronic drive solution
  • Configuring the B&R drive solution
  • The testing environment for commissioning a drive
  • Using diagnostic tools
  • mapp technology concept
  • PLCopen-compliant basic functionsPLCopen is a vendor-independent organization in the field of industrial control technology. They develop standards intended to increase the efficiency of application development and lower the maintenance costs of associated software. (Source: translated from the German version of the PLCopen entry in Wikipedia)
  • Structured programming of axis movements
  • Simulation options
  • Creating a sample application
  • Control concept, settings and autotuning
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