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  • Participants will be able to configure servo hardware and initialize motion parameters.
  • Participants will be able to diagnose axis errors and auto-tune the axis using the motion test environment built into Automation Studio.
  • Participants will be able to set up drive and motor simulation.
  • Participants will be able to use the latest motion library provided in Automation Studio to quickly start axis movement.
  • Participants will be able to understand the motion control concept by following a state diagram.

Documents provided

TM400 – Introduction to Motion Control

TM400 - Introduction to Motion Control

Learning objectives and content

  • Core aspects of a mechatronic drive solution
  • The basic requirements of a drive system
  • Electric motors
  • Position encoders
  • Inverters
  • Drive mechanics and power transmission
  • The B&R drive solution
  • Typical topologies, product overview, software access and decision-making guidelines
  • Introduction to the topic of drive sizing
  • TM400TRE.434-GER
  • TM400TRE.434-ENG
TM410 – Working with Integrated Motion Control

The entire B&R motion control product line is fully integrated in Automation Studio. The drive configuration, programming, commissioning and diagnostics can therefore all be performed using a single tool. A high-performance simulation environment extends the many functions that are available.

Objectives and content

  • Understanding drive hardware and software
  • Adding and configuring drives in Automation Studio
  • Components of the motion control system
  • Commissioning and diagnostics environment
  • Command interface
  • Parameter management
  • Recording drive data in real time
  • Determining control parameters using autotuning
  • Commissioning preparations
  • Drive and motor simulation


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TM410 – Working with Integrated Motion Control



TM415 – Introduction to mapp Axis

TM415 - Introduction to mapp Axis

Learning objectives and content

  • The concept behind the B&R drive solution
  • Wiring and diagnostics
  • Navigating in Automation Help
  • Testing environments and commissioning
  • Control concepts and autotuning
  • Simulation options for a drive
  • Preparing of information for support requests
  • TM415TRE.492-GER
  • TM415TRE.492-ENG
TM416 - Programming mapp Axis

TM416 - Programming mapp Axis

Learning objectives and content

  • Navigating Automation Help
  • mapp Technology - Motion control: Basic functions
  • PLCopen - Motion control: Basic functions
  • Programming motion sequences
  • PLCopen state diagram
  • Error handling in the application
  • TM416TRE.492-GER
  • TM416TRE.492-ENG
TM450 – ACOPOS: Control Concept and Configuration

The controllers integrated in an ACOPOS drive have a large number of configuration and optimization options. Maximum control quality can be achieved if ideal controller parameter values are configured. This training module provides an overview of how this is done.

Objectives and content

  • The basics of closed-loop control
  • Description of setpoint generator, position controller, speed controller and current controller
  • Calculating parameters for speed and position controllers
  • Procedure for setting parameters
  • Determining control parameters using autotuning
  • Saving the calculated controller parameters


Model number

TM450 – Motion Control Concept and Configuration



TM460 – Initial Commissioning of Motors

Before a motor can be used, the respective power electronics must first be checked for compatibility. Only then can the data required to configure the drive system be entered and calculated. This process is then completed by commissioning the motor.

Learning objectives and contents

  • Selection criteria and compatibility of components
  • Preparation and information regarding installation
  • Parameter identification and configuration
  • Motors, encoders, temperature sensors and holding brake
  • Calculating the commutation offset - Phasing
  • Entering the temperature characteristic curve
  • Encoder configuration
  • Configuring the holding brake
  • Commissioning checklist for the individual components
  • Examples and exercises


Model number

TM460 – Initial Commissioning of Motors




SEM210.4A – Automation Studio Training: Accelerated Basics

Automation Studio is used to configure and program all B&R control components. Core issues include getting a clear overview of all product groups, initial commissioning of a controller, understanding the functions of the runtime environment and knowing the options for integrated configuration and diagnostics.

Learning objectives and contents

  • Use the programming tool Automation Studio and its help documentation.
  • Configure hardware functions and set up CPU simulation.
  • Configure the target's network options and use Target Browser to find the target.
  • Create, compile, and transfer project to target.
  • Ladder Diagram will be the language of choice for the basic courses, but the instructor can provide guidance for using Structured Text or ANSI C.
  • Manage variable declaration and data retention.
  • Use standard functions (e.g. compare and compute) and function blocks (e.g. timers and counters) in Ladder Diagram.
  • Store project source files on the target.
  • Utilize common Automation Runtime features, such as cycle time adjustment.
  • Use System Diagnostics Manager, Runtime Utility Center and Automation Studio to troubleshoot hardware issues and diagnostic software bugs.
  • Integrate mapp functionality into your application.
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