This seminar explains the basics of ACOPOStrak, dimensioning and diagnostics, commissioning and mechanical design. Numerous simulation exercises make it easier to understand the ACOPOStrak software concept. Setting up the mechanical parts and commissioning are also carried out on a real system.

  • Basics of LLM technology and detailed information about ACOPOStrak
  • The differences between ACOPOStrak and SuperTrak
  • Overview of the mechanical components and technical documentation
  • Software concept behind ACOPOStrak
  • Logical components and simulation possibilities
  • Creating a configuration
  • Overview of available function blocks
  • Executing various movements in the simulation
  • Basics of process stations and process-oriented programming
  • Couplings between shuttles and also to external axes
  • Dimensioning a track
  • Commissioning and diagnosis on a real mechanical system
  • Structure of a real system

Documents provided

TM1423 - Assembly, commissioning and diagnostics for ACOPOStrak

This training module deals with the mechanics and commissioning as well as the diagnostics of and service of ACOPOStrak. All training content is prepared so that it can be used for the actual track in workshops. When it comes to the mechanics, the main focus is on the flexibility of ACOPOStrak and the ability to adjust the layout of the system design as needed. For diagnostics, typical scenarios will be covered including how to identify them and how to solve any problems that may arise. The information and exercises provided here explain how ACOPOStrak hardware should be operated.

Learning objectives and content

  • Mechanics of ACOPOStrak
  • Documentation and user's manual
  • Layout sketch and relevant mechanical structure
  • Commissioning ACOPOStrak systems
  • Diagnostics of ACOPOStrak
  • Service intervals
  • Maintenance and segment replacement


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TM1423 - Assembly, commissioning and diagnostics for ACOPOStrak




SEM210 – Automation Studio Training: Basics

Automation Studio is used to configure and program all B&R controller components. Core topics such as getting an overview of all product groups, initial commissioning of a controller, understanding the functions of the runtime environment and using the options for integrated configuration and diagnostics will be shown.

  • B&R company presentation
  • B&R philosophy and products
  • Working with Automation Studio
  • Using the integrated help system
  • Establishing an online connection to the controller
  • Initial installation of a controller
  • Developing the hardware configuration
  • Working with text and table editors
  • Functions and options offered by Automation RuntimeAutomation Runtime is the operating system that runs on all B&R controllers.
  • Automation Runtime configuration options
  • Runtime and boot behavior of the controller
  • Using the integrated diagnostic options
  • Overview of available programming languages
SEM415 – Training: Integrated motion control: mapp Axis

The B&R drive solution provides flexible, high-performance tools for controlling drives. These solutions are configured, put into service and diagnosed using Automation Studio.
A variety of drive components and functions are available.

The use of PLCopen-compliant mapp Motion components allows them to be seamlessly integrated into the machine application.

  • The concept behind the B&R drive solution
  • Wiring and diagnostics
  • Guidance in Automation Help
  • Testing environments and commissioning
  • Control concepts and autotuning
  • Simulation options for a drive
  • Preparation of information for support requests
  • Navigating Automation Help
  • mapp Technology - Motion control: Basic functions
  • Motion control: Basic functions - PLCopen
  • Programming motion sequences
  • PLCopen state diagram
  • Error handling in the application
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