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OPC UA over TSN: More performance than we really need?

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OPC UA over TSN is 18 times faster than existing industrial communication protocols. Yet, we don't currently have any applications that actually require that kind of speed. Does that mean it's overkill? Dietmar Bruckner from B&R explains why a leap in communication performance is a vital step forward for machine builders and system integrators.

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A 180-degree difference

The new 180° curve segment for the SuperTrak transport system is wider than the existing curve. This leaves more room for larger assemblies to interact with the track. Productivity goes up.

Room for productivity

More packaging freedom

Product demand is becoming more volatile, batch sizes more dynamic and product variants more diverse. Mastering these new challenges calls for an entirely new breed of manufacturing technology: the adaptive machine.

Adapt to the challenge

Environmentally friendly packaging

Packaging machines have to deal with different materials and different types of closure. Conventional conveyors can subject the bottom of the package to strong shearing forces. This is particularly problematic for sensitive packaging materials like paper. Read on to learn how this was solved for the top closing unit of a packaging line.

Flexible, gentle transport

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