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Producing the unpredictable

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Consumer trends can change at the drop of a hat. What we need are machines that change fast enough to keep up. 60 x 90 mm is all it takes to design modular machines with a reduced energy footprint.

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Vertical-mount SuperTrak: Inclined to save space

Did you know SuperTrak can be mounted vertically? The new orientation delivers the same productivity on much less floor space. It also enables the shuttles to carry a much higherpayload.

Inclined to save space

The potential of Machine-Centered Robotics

"As production batches shrink down to the infamous batch size one, the limitations of conventional manufacturing technology make themselves painfully known," explains ABB's Gregor Kumm. The first large scale joint project between ABB and B&R is redefining what is possible in the automation of your machinery and equipment. Exciting times ahead.

New roads open

The market's wish is your command

Be quicker to answer the market's call. The new additions to the ACOPOSmotor series make it easier than ever for you to create modular machinery and equipment and get quickly from idea to implementation.

Develop easily

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