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Move into the fast lane with intuitive motion control engineering

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With mapp Motion, B&R offers uniform access to all areas of motion control technology. The complete package comprises mapp components for easy creation of single-axis, CNC and robotics applications. As a member of the mapp software family, the motion control components can be combined with any other mapp components and are easy to configure. Users benefit from faster and easier configuration.

» The new motion control components

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New stepper motor module from the X20 series

The new module can be used to operate stepper motors with operating voltages from 18 to 60 VDC at rated currents up to 2.5 A. In addition, the integrated current reduction function increases performance and reduces energy consumption.

Save energy and increase performance

How a large group of isolated solutions becomes a homogeneous network

For years, car bodies have been welded together by highly synchronized robots on fully automated production lines. What appears to be a prime example of futuristic production, however, has one weakness: Between the individual production steps, there is no uniform communication technology. Instead, data can only be exchanged via specially programmed interfaces. There is neither uniform production control nor shared data resources.

A unified network for production

openSAFETY bus protocol takes advantage of UDP

The openSAFETY safety bus protocol can now be transmitted via UDP using the black channel principle. This facilitates the use of wireless transmission technologies for safety communication. openSAFETY can be configured flexibly, making it particularly well suited for wireless data transmission.

Wireless transmission of safety data

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