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How to protect your machines from hacker attacks

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Prior to the Industrial Internet of Things, machine controllers communicated – if at all – only with each other or with higher-level systems inside the company network. A direct connection to the Internet was very rare. Machine builders and operators had no reason to concern themselves with the topic of cybersecurity – but that is changing. Andreas Hager, product manager for Secure Remote Maintenance at B&R, explains how to master secure data transfer to the cloud.

Cybersecurity for controllers.

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"The fruits of Industry 4.0 will not grow from isolated solutions."

Everyone's talking about Industry 4.0 and digitalization, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty about what it all means in practice. Research associates from TU Darmstadt report on how Germany's SMEs are progressing in their digital transformation and where they still see room for improvement.

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Machines automatically generate PDF reports

The mapp Report software component can be used to automatically generate PDF reports based on any machine data. The content, layout and design of the reports can be customized.

Give your machine a voice 

Safety for mobile machines

As mobile machinery becomes increasingly automated, the topic of safety technology is rapidly gaining significance. These days, virtually every mobile machine now falls under the jurisdiction of the Machinery Directive. To avoid the high cost of developing their own safety solutions from scratch, manufacturers of mobile machinery seek out reliable technology partners for safety technology.

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