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Orange Box: Operate your machine more effectively

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As a comprehensive performance indicator, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can play an important role in making manufacturing assets more productive. Difficulties gathering the data needed to calculate OEE, however, have often prevented it from being used to improve older brownfield systems. This is changing with the Orange Box. The Orange Box makes it easy to collect and analyze the operating data of digitally isolated plants – including real-time OEE and other KPIs.

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10 years of integrated safety from B&R

In 2008, B&R unveiled its groundbreaking integrated safety technology. In the decade since, B&R has established itself among the world's most innovative manufacturers of programmable safety technology. Franz Kaufleitner, product manager for integrated safety technology at B&R, explains how his company went from newcomer to trendsetter in the safety industry.

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Predictive maintenance instead of waiting for the failure

With its voluminous shovels, a mining excavator can carry away large quantities in seconds - about 80 tones of material in 20 seconds. Unplanned shutdowns are very expensive for the operator. With intelligent maintenance concepts, these costs can be significantly reduced.

Predict damage at the right time

B&R presents new generation of HMI panel interface

B&R recently introduced the fourth generation of its display transmission technology, Smart Display Link (SDL). SDL4 is based on HDBaseT 2.0 and can span up to 100 meters between the industrial PC and display device. This makes it easy to equip expansive machines and systems with multiple remote HMI panels.

Digital display transmission with SDL4

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