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This is how you exploit the full potential of your machine

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Exploit the full potential of your machine and benefit from the added value mapp Control brings With mapp Control, you can run your application closer to the physical limits and increase the productivity of your machine. For example, if damage occurs to the guide roller of a printing press, the virtual sensor detects this by mapp Web Handling, a component of mapp Control. The damage can be remedied before it has a serious impact on print quality.

» Learn more about the individual components and other application examples.

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Optimize your machine where it makes sense

One intelligent station on the path through the production line is all it takes to create a mass customized product. Product transport is handled almost entirely by low-cost conveyor belts – except for the one station where the products are personalized. That's where the intelligent ACOPOStrak comes into play.

Hybrid transport system

B&R joins Huawei's OPC UA TSN testbed

B&R has joined the OPC UA TSN testbed of Chinese network equipment vendor Huawei. The automation specialist is now participating in all three of the world's most significant platforms for practical testing of the new communication technology.

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Two operating systems on one device

In addition to their real-time operating system, many machines also need a general purpose operating system to perform tasks such as aggregating data and sending it to the cloud, or to run business intelligence analytics. Traditionally, this has required the use of two separate pieces of hardware.

With a hypervisor, it is now possible to implement both systems on a single industrial PC.

More about the hypervisor

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