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To remain competitive in the long term, plant operators are under constant pressure to get more and more out of their equipment. Heralded as a silver bullet in this pursuit is the Industrial Internet of Things. Even in the short term, IIoT capabilities can deliver a substantial boost in efficiency. The IIoT also brings exciting opportunities for OEMs in the form of new business models. Ralf Pühler, B&R's product manager for Industrial IoT explains how this is possible.

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APROL R 4.2 offers numerous new software functions

B&R has published a new major release of its APROL process control system. APROL R 4.2 contains numerous new software functions, including improved cloud communication via OPC UA and MQTT. It also offers a modern new "Dark style" interface design option.


Control loops tuned for optimum performance

Once they are up and running, machines and plants require continuous care to maintain optimal performance. Many PID controllers, however, fall victim to a "set it and forget it" approach. The task of constantly checking and adjusting them is simply too time consuming. The situation is much different if you have ready-made software components that allow you to monitor the performance of control loops and make targeted adjustments when necessary.

Optimized with minimal intervention

Managing large volumes of data has never been so easy

It is now easier than ever to implement databases in applications. With mapp Database, it is possible to archive data directly from the field level to a database, regardless of whether that database is located on site or in the cloud.

Consistent exchange of data

Plastics machines speak OPC UA

The plastics industry is one step closer to a unified standard for communication between extrusion lines and MES systems. The EUROMAP 84 working group specified a new set of definitions for communication between extrusion lines and MES systems based on the open OPC UA standard.

Key milestone: K 2019

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