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Single interface for seamless connectivity An open communication standard will replace a disparate multitude of proprietary systems with a single solution – and a single interface. With only one communication protocol to manage, you gain the freedom to build more flexible manufacturing systems.

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Next-level performance for X20

B&R's new X20CP3687X controller combines the performance of an industrial PC with the compact design of the X20 PLC series.

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Easier installation with new ACOPOSmotors

Unique 300° swivel connections make the new ACOPOSmotors easier than ever to install. The time and cost of cabling are reduced significantly.

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OPC UA over TSN implementation

With B&R, nothing stands in your way of implementing vendor-agnostic OPC UA over TSN networks. The new Ethernet switch delivers cycle times under 50 µs.

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Experience the future of automation

At this year's SPS from November 26-28 in Nuremberg, B&R welcomes you to Hall 7 at Booth 114 and 206, where we look forward to sharing our vision for the factory of the future. Check out all the latest updates, videos, dates and schedules on our event page.

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