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Secure your competitive edge with digital twin technology

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Investing too much time in hardware development and software programming? Advanced simulation technology allows developers to create a digital copy of the machine, which can be used to test hardware and software in a fraction of the time.

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Digital twin in Automation Studio

What are the advantages of a digital twin, and how does it work with Automation Studio? In this video you'll learn more about how to create a digital copy of your machine.

Save time with a digital twin

The future of software engineering

Machines are growing increasingly complex, and control software is becoming more critical to machine performance. Chad Schmidtke, senior director of product development at Maplesoft, explains how simulation and digital twin technology will shape the future of software engineering.

Interview with Maplesoft

Power Panel with new design

User-friendly design is essential to making HMI panels easy to operate. The new Power Panel C50 now offers multi-touch operation and can be combined with B&R software like mapp View.

One panel – Many possibilities

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