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How well do you know OPC UA over TSN?

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We hear a lot of talk about OPC UA over TSN these days, but how much do you really know about the origins of this unified standard for real-time communication?

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Connect brownfield machines to the cloud

Is there an easy way to read data from existing machines? A new addition to the Orange Box now allows data from digitally isolated machines to be sent to the cloud. This means their performance can now be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Your Industrial IoT upgrade for brownfield equipment

New products in 2019

  • Find out how:
  • humans and machines will work safely together without the need for safety barriers
  • you can be easily in touch with your machines – anytime and anywhere
  • creating and maintaining safety applications has never been so simple
  • you can benefit from a seamlessly integrated machine vision solution
  • And much more...

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Star topology for CAN networks

Line topologies were yesterday. The new X67 bus controller enables you to set up your CAN network in star topology. The star topology offers three main advantages: simplified cabling, better bandwidth utilization and a larger maximum overall length

Overcoming the limits of CAN topology

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