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For many years, B&R has been committed to developing a uniform and comprehensive automation solution based on 100% scalable hardware. Since the hardware and software are decoupled, components can be replaced at any time without adding to the time and cost of engineering. B&R's Automation Studio provides a universal environment for engineering, simulation, commissioning and diagnostics.

Engineering made fast and easy

Automation Studio makes it possible to develop modular machine software concurrently in teams. Round-trip engineering interfaces and bidirectional data exchange make it possible to begin working on the software while mechanical and electrical development are still underway – getting new products to market sooner.

Development time cab be reduced by an average of 67% using the modular and intelligent software components offered by B&R's mapp technology. These components provide preprogrammed and thoroughly tested standard functionality that can be configured graphically.

Safety included

By seamlessly integrating network-based safety technology – up to PL e – into its overall automation system, B&R eliminates the need for hardwiring. B&R offers the same advantages with its safety technology as it does with its standard components: complete scalability, reusable software and a universal tool for engineering, simulation, commissioning and diagnostics.

Diagnostics info available any time

B&R automation solutions offer numerous features for diagnostics and service. An integrated tool allows you to view diagnostics information about all B&R hardware on any device with a web browser or via a remote maintenance connection.

Simulation for faster development

Simulation simplifies and accelerates the development process as well as saving costs. B&R offers integrated simulation within Automation Studio as well as convenient bidirectional interfaces for popular simulation tools like MATLAB/Simulink and MapleSim.

Modern HMI made easy

B&R's HMI solution – mapp View – offers direct access to the wide world of web technology right from the engineering environment. Automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive web-based HMI solutions – with the ease of drag-and-drop.

Security by design

Concepts like smart farming demand that machines are constantly online. B&R solutions transmit and receive data through secure VPN connections. When it comes to communication with higher-level systems, B&R relies on the OPC UA protocol and its extensive built-in security features.

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