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Integrated technology

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The individualization of end products places consistently higher demands on machine flexibility. More and more mechanical process technology is designed with sophisticated mechatronic concepts using software. To keep process precision from falling behind, especially at high production speeds, B&R offers a multitude of industry-specific technology functions.

Taking it to the physical limits

Both trigger inputs or touch probe inputs on the ACOPOSmulti process their signals in the sub-microsecond range, which enables them to meet the toughest demands for precision. The area of application for these inputs ranges from detecting registration marks for packaging, printing or print post-processing to measurement tasks in the metal processing sector.

The ACOPOSmulti inverter is optionally available with up to two 14-bit analog inputs. These analog inputs can be directly integrated in the control process. These inputs are read and further processed every 50µs. The resulting fast response times in the process are practically predestined for applications which change between different motion states such as position and torque control.

This quick and exact detection of process parameters, such as pressure sensors, makes it possible to accurately control processes that are extremely sensitive despite their dynamic properties.

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