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The powerful system component for business intelligence (BI) is a substantial addition to the many existing reporting options, and provides important features for factory automation and Industrial IoT applications. With the corresponding app, dashboards and reports can also be viewed and edited on mobile devices.

Dashboards display all the most important information in aggregated form.

Modern production processes require continuous monitoring and evaluation of production data in order to guarantee the highest possible product quality. APROL supports real-time collection of raw production data and seamless archiving of operating and process data. The business intelligence component takes care of the analytical evaluation and presentation.

Web-based design tool

Components can be combined to create custom dashboards using an intuitive, web-based drag-and-drop design tool. The dashboards can also be changed interactively.

Standard and ad hoc reporting

Users can gain valuable information for the decision-making process with the help of standard reports, personalized interactive reports and ad hoc reports. Native iOS and Android apps are available for mobile access.


Like a cockpit, the APROL dashboard provides a quick and intuitive overview of key data in speedometers, diagrams, level indicators and more. Multi-report dashboards can be created using both internal and external data.

The frequency of alarms in individual areas of the plant is displayed as a tree map.

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