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By permanently monitoring manufacturing assets, it is possible to reduce maintenance costs and downtime while optimizing availability and utilization.

Failure of assets located at critical points in the production process could bring down an entire line. Continuous monitoring of operating data using Asset Performance Monitoring gives operating personnel access to important information about their equipment. Many failures can easily be avoided by checking the pollution degree of a heat exchanger or identifying a cavitation-critical operating point of a centrifugal pump. Combining measurement data with defined quality thresholds allows time for efficiently planned corrective measures before larger problems occur.

Control module for supply lines

This software block continuously calculates pressure loss in a pipe. This makes it possible to estimate the pollution degree and hydraulic loss in transport pipelines.

Control module for heat exchangers

Continuous detection of fouling in the heat exchanger makes it possible to continuously monitor the effectiveness of heat transfer.

Control module for centrifugal pumps

This control module is supplied with the existing measurements and data from the centrifugal pump. Conclusions about the efficiency of the pump can be drawn by comparing the pump data with the actual measurement data. Suction and discharge measurements, together with the flow rate, can be used to detect cavitation-critical operating points.

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