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Software makes all the difference

Modern Industrial IoT solutions rely on decentralized data processing close to the process. B&R's Edge Embedded is a flexible solution that can be easily adapted to any application.

Edge Embedded is perfectly suited for situations where larger volumes of data need to be sent to the cloud. Aggregating the data on the edge reduces bandwidth requirements and lowers the cost of cloud solutions. With sufficient memory for buffering, a lost connection doesn't mean lost data. The solution uses a standard B&R controller, which also executes the machine logic in real time in addition to providing edge functionality.

  • Highlights
  • Easy data pre-processing
  • Direct access to databases
  • Embedded security with OPC UA
  • Direct cloud connection

Flexible hardware

Edge Embedded hardware can be selected freely from B&R's extensive portfolio. Since the software is independent of which hardware is selected, the controller can be replaced at any time to adapt to new memory or processing requirements. Secure data transfer is ensured by the security mechanisms of OPC UA.

Edge Embedded software is based on the mapp software framework. The connection to higher-level IT systems is configured using ready-made software components. mapp Data, for example, allows the controller to send and retrieve data directly to and from databases.

There are also functions for data aggregation. The component mapp OEE, for example, calculates overall equipment effectiveness automatically from a multitude of individual data points.

mapp components can be combined as needed with software developed in-house to expand or adapt solutions efficiently. Customers benefit from scalable, flexible solutions that allow new installations to be seamlessly and effortlessly integrated into Industrial IoT architectures.

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