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APROL-Application Update

Update application software quickly and easily. The B&R APROL process control system's DownloadManager now allows new software to be transferred to multiple controllers in parallel to minimize the amount of valuable time spent on maintenance and unplanned stoppages. Find out more...


Condition monitoring in the third dimension. It's now easier than ever to detect damage or contamination in machinery and equipment using the B&R APROL process control system. Find out more...


Exchange data with no interfaces. The B&R APROL automation platform now offers a seamless, interface-free solution for convenient and cost-effective connectivity. This has been made possible by the integration of mapp Technology in APROL. Find out more...

APROL-Reduce Alarms

The exploratory data analysis functions offered by the B&R APROL process control system are now also available for historical alarm data. Find out more...

Simple evaluation of large amounts of data

B&R has upgraded the highly advanced and flexible APROL automation platform by adding a powerful system component for business intelligence (BI). Find out more

Reliable verification of quality

Centralized acquisition of operating and process data from machines and equipment using B&R's APROL process control system is now much easier. Find out more


Users of B&R's APROL process control system can now enjoy more of the benefits provided by OPC UA. Find out more

Manage online parameters easier with APROL

B&R has integrated powerful and easy-to-use online parameter management features in the APROL DisplayCenter. Find out more

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