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HMI design has never been so easy

B&R is adding numerous new functions that make it easier than ever to create HMI applications using its web-based mapp View HMI system. HMI applications can now be more precisely tailored to user groups or individual users.

mapp View will now support the use of gestures to control HMI applications. Users can simply swipe between HMI screens or use two fingers to zoom in on the details of a trend curve, for example.

  • Highlights
  • State-of-the-art gesture control
  • Custom content
  • Vendor-independent visualization

Gesture control makes machine operation faster, easier and more intuitive. It also allows for a more modern, streamlined UI design without the clutter of zoom and page navigation buttons.

Two-hand operation also opens up new functional possibilities, such as safeguarding critical input values and preventing unintentional equipment startup. All of the available gestures can be linked to various UI widgets.

The right content for every client

mapp View is designed as a multi-client/multi-user system. A mapp View HMI application will now be able to display individualized content to different users simultaneously and automatically.

It's not necessary to program each version separately, either. The HMI developer simply defines which user roles should be able to view and/or modify which content. Customized HMI content can be displayed simultaneously on different HMI clients independently of each other. Display content can also be adapted for different types of devices. The manager's tablet can display an aggregated overview of KPIs, while the service technician's laptop provides full access to view and modify machine settings.

On tablets, the HMI application will now also switch automatically between portrait and landscape format to match the orientation of the screen. B&R has implemented a new editor that provides a clear overview of the links between data points and user roles for easy assignment of viewing and modification rights. Complex multi-user applications are now considerably easer to manage and can even be modified during operation.

User-defined widgets

mapp View comes with a large set of standard widgets, as well as themes and styles that allow developers to adapt their appearance to the system design. Now, it is also possible for users to create and save their own widgets. The developer can modify the height, width and style of an existing widget and then save it as a new widget. OEMs can create libraries of their own widgets to be reused for each new machine.

In addition to individual widgets, mapp View users can also save multiple widgets as a group, for example two input fields and a button for username, password and confirmation. This way, frequently used interface elements can be designed once and reused again and again with minimal effort.

In the future, users will also be able to save their defined events, actions and data links along with their widget groups to create small predefined functional units that can be reused at any time.

WYSIWYG editing for entire pages

It will now be even easier to edit entire pages in mapp View. While mapp View has already provided a visual editor for positioning and designing widgets, this convenience will now be available for entire pages as well. This is particularly beneficial when designing HMI applications for a variety of output media.

B&R also offers predesigned HMI templates for typical applications. HMI developers can simply open these templates in the new visual editor and quickly adapt them to their needs.

Time-critical operations via HMI application

Special requirements such as manual control of robots or other motion axes require immediate reactions to operator input. To allow these time-critical operations to be performed via the HMI application, B&R will now offer real-time widgets for mapp View.

They use special browser technology to guarantee transmission of signals to the controller within a clearly defined timespan. In many cases, these real-time widgets can eliminate the need for specialized handheld operating devices. There is otherwise no difference in the behavior of real-time widgets and regular widgets, and they can be used in combination.

Security at all levels

mapp View uses the recognized HTTPS and OPC UA standards for secure data transfer. In combination with the B&R's user role management system, this guarantees that only authorized users are able to make changes. It also ensures that data cannot be accessed from outside the system.

Vendor-independent visualization

It will now be possible to use data from any OPC UA server directly in mapp View applications. This makes it possible to easily monitor and operate controllers from multiple vendors in a shared HMI environment.

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