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As processes in production lines continue to be synchronized to conveyor belts, the he division between material handling and production is disappearing. Highly complex control solutions used to be necessary to ensure the great degree of precision and speed needed for these processes. With B&R Generic Motion Control (GMC), conveyor belts and robots can now be easily synchronized with a high degree of precision.

Freedom with PLCopen

B&R provides easily configurable PLCopen function blocks that are tailor-made for these tasks. They can be used for all types of robot kinematics and even allow robots to be synchronized with multiple conveyor belts. The interfaces are also ideally suited for integrating machine visualization systems. The robot can move freely during the synchronization phase, which also enables complex product manipulation. A special feature of GMC is that the conveyor belt is fully integrated in the application. An external sensor that supplies information about the current position of the conveyor belt is all that is needed.


GMC is hardware-independent, which allows the use of different drive systems with different kinematics to be used. The application can be created quickly and easily upgraded at a later time. The robot can be replaced or the conveyor belts can be upgraded at any time without a significant amount of application engineering work. A large portion of the software can be used as-is.


  • Hardware-independent
  • Simple programming
  • Unlimited number of conveyor belts
  • Unlimited expansion possibilities
  • Can be used for all kinematics

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